Strategic Plan

Overview of the District’s Strategic Plan

In many respects, the process of developing the District’s Strategic Plan was as important as the end product. CWIFR has used the strategic planning process as a tool for self-discovery and gaining an improved understanding of our community and fire and rescue service system.

The Strategic Plan is a working document, with its content integrated into all aspects of District operations. For example, our Values, Mission, and Vision are an essential part of the District’s recruitment and hiring, promotional process, and performance feedback system. Our Strategic Goals and Initiatives serve as a roadmap for continuous improvement and are woven into our budget process.

Strategic Themes

CWIFR has identified three strategic themes that support the District’s mission and vision for the future; Community Risk Reduction, Community Partnerships; and Organizational Excellence. These themes are examined through four different lenses; from the perspective of the community, financial stewardship, internal processes, and physical and human resources. Each perspective provides answers to one or more important questions regarding our process of continuous improvement.

CWIFR Enterprise Wide Strategy Map

CWIFR has made tremendous strides in achieving the goals identified in the Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Fire Commissioners. However, much work remains to be done. In particular, the District needs to continue development of infrastructure and systems that will allow accurate measurement of service delivery and performance in order to drive continued improvement.

We have also made progress in meeting the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) criteria for accreditation which are being used by the District as a comprehensive performance measure. Continued progress will be driven by completion of the District’s Standard of Coverage and improvement of the District’s records management system in 2014.

The major challenge we face in implementing the Strategic Plan on a day to day basis is the tension between our strategic goals and initiatives and the resources that can be brought to bear (time, staff, and funding). While this is a challenge, it has compelled us to work diligently to prioritize program activity and projects to provide the greatest benefit and value to our community.

Our Mission

Central Whidbey Island Fire & Rescue’s mission defines our purpose for existence:  to partner with our community to proactively reduce risk from fire, illness, injury and other hazards.

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