Part-Time Membership

CWIFR is actively recruiting new volunteer and part-time firefighters. We serve the community with a combination of volunteers and paid (full and part-time) personnel.

Our Full and Part-Time paid staff provides a small, on-duty crew to provide rapid response, while our volunteer members provide adequate staffing to respond to simultaneous or larger emergencies. We refer to this staffing as The Three-Legged Stool. As with the legs of the stool, each element of our staffing; volunteer, part-time, and full-time is essential to effective performance.

Professionalism • Integrity • Compassion • Excellence

Membership Opportunities


CWIFR has a variety of volunteer opportunities as an emergency responder or in an administrative capacity. To join CWIFR as an emergency response volunteer, you do not need any prior experience. All training is provided.


Applicants for Part-Time Firefighter positions must be certified as a Firefighter 1 and Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, but do not require prior experience. Our part-time members work an assigned shift every ninth day and a minimum of two 12-hour day shifts per month (selected by the membership form available day shifts) for a maximum of 150.5 hours per month.

Part-time Firefighters are trained as Apparatus Operators and receive a wide range of training in other fire and rescue skills. Working as a Part-Time Firefighter provides valuable work experience towards a fire service career.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, click on the Part-Time Firefighter Button to access additional information and a link to the National Testing Network web site.

Volunteer Interest Application

Please submit this Volunteer Interest Application to CWIFR. Our staff will contact you with information on joining Central Whidbey Island Fire & Rescue.